福寿寺 hukujuji

Origin 14th charges chief priest Ryogen Mitani  of the hukujuji temple
The opening that the name of the hukujuji temple comes out to according to the ancient documents of the Muromachi era.
It is (1379) in the Koryaku era first year. In first year (1384) during the cause of Miyake-mura
Feudal lord, Nakao repair tayu does Haguro honorific title of a Japanese god Kanjiyo to aokiyama, and be elaborate
I put small shrine  together as  guardian deity and made a happy longevity temple it Takanobu as a prayer place
I ask it and am broken.
As for the age of civil strife, a temple is burnt in each place by Nobunaga Oda; and Buddha
The temple does not become the place that the person looks back upon; the hukuju temple as for the times of the chief priest absence
I followed for a long time.
In 1950, Rev. Ryogen Mitani  becomes the hukuju temple chief priest; the revival of the temple
Do it, and Mie,Nagoya, Gifu, Kyoto, Osaka, Kanto from the start
The number of  believers spread out nationwide